The Tenth Meadow specializes in custom floral arrangements for weddings, special events and styling projects.  Morgan's designs evoke the enveloping beauty of Nature; sophisticated combinations of colour and scent for untamed hearts and romantic souls.

Tenth Meadow designs are inspired by the elegant wildness of sunlit meadows, leafy forests and overgrown country gardens. Unstructured, abundant arrangements that are artfully designed to look natural and effortlessly stylish: think arching branches of lush leaves, overblown roses, nodding grasses,  and eclectic seasonal finds.  With every bouquet or floral arrangement that Morgan creates, she allows nature to guide her, working with the subtle nuances of colour, texture and movement in each stem or leaf.

Working seasonally, we seek out the best flowers for the month of your wedding or special event, often trudging through farms and paddocks to find just the right branch or blossom.  Locally-grown flowers are sourced wherever possible, with an increasing number of blooms harvested from our own Adelaide Hills farm and a network of private gardens.

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Director/designer Morgan Allender is the daughter of a nurseryman and an artist, so it seems hardly surprising that life has led her to the intoxicating world of floral arrangement and flower growing.  She has, quite literally, wandered down the garden path...

Alongside her busy flower business, Morgan also maintains a successful art career, creating her dark, romantic paintings of botanical subject matter (below).  After graduating from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2005 with a degree in Painting, she has exhibited her work widely within Australia.  She considers The Tenth Meadow to be an intrinsic part of her studio practice, with the flowers providing valuable inspiration for the paintings, and vice-versa. View Morgan's paintings HERE.

Head floral assistant Lucy Thomas has the heart of an angel and sings like a mermaid, another of her many artistic talents. Morgan first hired her because of her soul-deep love of flowers, and she continues to be an indispensable source of support on all projects.

Rousham, oil on linen, 76 x 97cm

Rousham, oil on linen, 76 x 97cm

Talisman, oil on linen 165 x 187cm

Talisman, oil on linen 165 x 187cm

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